Water Aid

Hand pumps and bore wells (donors from the UK)

With your donations, we can provide a poor village access to fresh, clean water and help them to live a healthy, improved life

Many of the remote parts of the world still have no access to clean, fresh water. Dirty and unsafe water is the major cause of illness and death.

Friends For You have created a water aid project aiming to provide water for the remote areas, where women and children are having to walk for miles for water in the hot weather every day. We work with our staff and local institutes to provide water facilities. We are currently working in the area of West Bengal, Bihar, UP, Rajasthan and Maharashtra (India). The benefits of providing clean water are huge, bringing great relief and good health in a village/community.

The basic essentials in life can be provided through Friends For You. Please donate to help us to eliminate this problem.


Provides up to 10 families with water


Bore Well

Provides a small village with water


Hand pumps (shared by up to 10 families)

Bore wells (provides water for a small village)