Refugee Crisis Around The World

Syrian refugees

Your donations are personally delivered by UK trustees and volunteers

Millions of refugees suffer everyday because of wars and disasters. These are the most vulnerable of people in the world with no homes, no food, no medical access, and no citizenship in any country they end up in.

We cannot solve this situation,  but with your help we can ease their suffering. They need basic, essential items just like anyone else would need. These refugees will unfortunately stay refugees for a long time.

We travel to the scattered camps of the Syrian refugees that are based near the borders of neighbouring countries where conditions are desperately poor. They live in the hills, open land, and local farm fields. The summers are very hot and the winters below freezing. They have no means to keep warm properly and no regular support for food and water. They are desperate for your help.

Distribution at Syrian refugee camps in Jordan and Lebanon overseen by UK charity trustees

Conditions of the Syrian refugee camps in Jordan and Lebanon

Children living in the Syrian refugee camps of Jordan and Lebanon

Palestinian and Gaza refugees

Your donations are personally delivered by UK trustees and volunteers

Palestine and Gaza refugees have been living in Jordan and Lebanon refugee camps for the last 70 years. They have no citizenship, no rights for work, no proper education and no access to proper medical care. The camps have become their permanent homes.

We need your continued support to help these desperate people.

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Rohingya crisis

The forgotten people of Rohingya

Most people have forgotten that the Rohingya refugees are still suffering in the camps without food, water, medical aid, housing and much more.

Friends For You are one of the very few charities still supporting the Rohingya refugees crisis. People have slowly drifted away from this crisis because it’s no longer in the media. Your donations will help us continue our work to thousands that are continuously suffering.

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