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We have identified many villages in Maharashtra where there is no masjid, madrassa or school. In most cases where one exists, it is either in need of repair/unfinished/leaking/unfit for use and normally made of mud, wood, straw or tin sheets.

There are many areas where criminal gangs, right wing groups and extremists’ groups are working hard to convert children and families into believing in their extreme hateful ideology. The poor families are very vulnerable to these groups that offer bribe of money, food, shelter, education and in return they are drawn into a danger where they are manipulated and converted into either a different faith or becoming an extremist themselves, which then proves to be dangerous to society.

Build a mosque and save families and children drifting away from their faith or towards extremism. Give them the confidence to pray in comfortable, safe surroundings.

We have a school expansion program that enables schools to take in more children from poor backgrounds or to provide more comfort and extra space that is needed because of overcrowding. Where necessary, some schools will be combined with a madrassa to educate children with the National Curriculum and Islamic teachings under one building.
These projects are expensive but for the future of our children it is a small price to pay. We cannot carry out these projects unless we have donors that are willing to fund extra money. We want to help these people, but unfortunately cannot do so without major donations.

Please help us to help these vulnerable, poor families and children to save them from a harmful future.

Build a Masjid –Madrassa = from £8000 – £25,000+ (depending on size)

Build a school for up to 50 children for approximately £15,000+

Help to expand or improve a masjid – madrassa – school (amount varies)

(Prices may vary due to currency fluctuation)

Mosque donated by a London family - £8000


Type of mosque we build from £8000 - £25000 (depending on size)

We will provide:

Some of the benefits from this program:

approximate size of mosque

School improvement program

Extra classrooms - New extra toilets & Bathrooms - Dining hall - New kitchen - Safer play ground and more

Providing 3 extra classrooms to educate and house 50/60 additional poor/orphan children. Classrooms are approximately 12ft x 15ft. Each classroom costs approximately £4000.

This is a school/hostel that we support in our expansion program. We started with 35 poor/orphan children, we now have over 150 children. The National Curriculum and Islamic education is provided. We have a child sponsors program to provide the basics in an area where education is difficult to provide.

With the help of many donors, we have provided new bedrooms, extra toilets, bathrooms, dining hall, kitchen, a safer play ground, more equipment and more teachers. We are always working to improve the well-being of the children we support.

We also work from this centre to help widows/poor families with food parcels and medical aid. We have made this our centre in the area where we can support the community in many different ways and to carry out all our other charity activities and projects. We want to bring a positive change in the area for our Muslim community, as well as help community cohesion with other faiths and communities. We need your help to succeed.

Build a Masjid – Madrassa

Help Build a Masjid – Madrassa today


6 Bedroom Extension for 150+ children

A donation from a Bolton business provided this desperately needed space for children, who were initially sleeping in their classrooms.

Another donor provided sleeping mats, education material and sports equipment for the children to play with.

This is one example of many on how we are improving the lives of those in need. The parents can feel safe that their children are better looked after with a brighter future.

Health & Safety for children

Health and safety for most children in a hostel in a poor area is irrelevant because they can’t afford to have the right equipment and environment. Pictures below show the reality of many poor institutes where they are desperate for our help.

Friends For You recognises the health and safety of children comes first. We provide help to improve facilities for children that will keep them safe. Health and safety in the kitchen and classrooms should be a main priority. Help us to provide the extra space and safety equipment in the kitchens and classrooms for the children to have a happy, safe and enjoyable environment.

A Bore Well

A bore well can be provided for £580 with the masjid - madrassa. Many villages have no fresh water and mostly women and children walk miles to fetch water which is unhygienic. A bore well will provide the mosque and the village with fresh water all year which also brings health benefits.


Mosque under construction donated by a Bolton family - £22000

Repairs and maintenance where needed

We have many villages in need of your help to improve their lives. We cannot solve all problems, but we certainly can make a big difference.